About us

My name is Jeffson and I have an awesome dog called Brocky, Who's name was hand picked out of my families love for the popular wrestler known as Brock Lesnar, its good to know that he is living up to the name. He is such a big and thick boy. He was the inspiration for my company, “Doggyplaza”. I was so enamoured with him that I felt that he needed to be treated as a good boy that he was. I searched far and wide for glamorous canine couture and accessories to adorn him with.

His accessories were such a hit with the neighbouring pooches that the requests for my stylish suggestions came pouring in. So I decided to start my own online pet accessory store where I could gather "the hottest trends in canine accessories under one "virtual roof." Fortunately for me I have a reasonable amount of skill in building and maintaining websites, This happens to be my second e-commerce site outside the blog I manage. The rest is “Doggyplaza” history!  We also provide fashionable human accessories and unique custom dog accessories for all those furr babies who should have an equally exquisite wardrobe as their elegant parents.

Our business caters to people like me, who love to set up their dogs with the latest fashionable accessory for all sizes of dogs that are being worn by celebrity dogs! We offer customisable pet accessories like fine pet jewelry, necessities such as designer dog beds, luxury dog carriers, trendy designer dog collars and harnesses. In order to cater to our clientele we custom-make a lot of our items, so if you don't see the size or color that you are looking for, just email us at enquiries@doggyplaza.com  For all the Princes and Princesses of the animal kingdom, we very happily present to you what we think represents the very best of what is available in dog accessories.

Here at Doggyplaza we are equally proud to make contributions to benefit the welfare of animals, we regularly donate merchandise and proceeds to charitable events that surround the animal community not just those that cater to dogs alone.

We invite you to explore the lavish world of pet accessories at www.doggyplaza.com 

Brocky: Welcome!