360 Dog Washer

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Want to make bathing your pup stressless?

The 360 dog washer has got you covered, it is a round shaped plastic pipe designed to stream line water to rinse your dog through its circular opening, it is foldable and stress free, its like having a doggy shower head that allows you easily rinse. Use this 360° Pet Washer to give your pet a clean and comfortable bath in just easily a few minutes! Make your pet love bathing again!


Cleans at All Angles: Circular hose washer which sprays water in 360°, washes pet’s fur at every angle, even at hard-to-reach areas.
Two Cleaning Modes: Not only able to rinse, but also able to spray shampoo with water to wash away dirt from pet’s fur. 
Gentle & Fast Washing: Light water sprays to avoid scaring the pet, but easily able to clean in just a few minutes. Suitable for any size of pets, big or small.


  • It suits all dogs
  • It is harmless
  • It is light weight
  • It is foldable and easy to store