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Would you like a customized magnet?

Personalized magnet with the face of a peludin on the basis of colored polymer clay.

Get ready, because every time you go to the fridge, you will have a smile assured!

Unique and unrepeatable as your beloved hairy, so will your magnet, handmade from scratch without the use of molds.

In order to capture the portrayed in all its essence, I need several photographs in which it appears facing forward, as well as its most representative details. The more photos and good quality, the better the result. If you also have an Instagram account, you or your furry, you can put it in comments, so I can see some more photos, and better capture their features

The portrait with base included measures approximately 4 cm .

Choose the color of the base from among the colors available in the palette located just above. Colors may vary slightly.

You can add your name on the base or on the back of the magnet, if the design does not allow it or the size of the name is too long. Keep in mind that if you choose a dark color for the base, the letters will not look good when printed and reviewed in black.

After placing order you can send us the image on either Facebook or Instagram

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